Ethical Research Involving Children

Doing Ethical Research With Children

Harcourt, Deborah Sargeant, Jonathon Sargeant (2012). Doing Ethical Research With Children. ISBN-10: 0335246427, ISBN-13: 978-0335246427.

Publisher’s Description:
This book provides a step-by-step guide to approaching your research project and will support you in developing, conducting and disseminating research relating to children and childhood with an ethical imperative.
Doing Ethical Research with Children will help you focus and identify many of the key issues surrounding research with children. The book presents an overview of both contemporary and traditional perspectives relating to child related research practices. The authors combine relevant theoretical and practical information, offering a guide to the essential elements for conducting ethical research with children. You are prompted to consider and systematically address these elements, with the help of:
• Real world ’points to ponder’, offering unique insights
• ‘Over to you’ reflection activities
• Case studies considering ethical dilemmas
Written specifically as a guide and reflection tool for beginning researchers studying early years and childhood, the book follows the research journey from conceptualisation to dissemination and looks at the unique considerations for research involving children.

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